Fees and Insurance

If you've landed on this page, you're probably wondering how much therapy costs, and whether you'll be able to use your health insurance to cover it.

I am
"in-network" for the following insurances:

This means that once you meet your deductible (assuming you have one), you pay only your copay at the time of service. I bill your insurance directly and electronically and your insurance carrier reimburse me for sessions at "reasonable and customary" rates.

If it turns out your insurance is not one that I work with, you may still be eligible for what are known as
"out-of-network" benefits. Essentially this means your insurance company will reimburse you but at a lower rate. Note, however, that under this arrangement you must pursue reimbursement on your own. I provide what's known as a "super-bill" that has the required information on it, and you submit it to your carrier.

Many people choose to pay for therapy strictly out-of-pocket. My fees are competitive with other psychologists and therapists in the west Michigan area. They are $160 for the first session (Initial Assessment), and $130 for all sessions thereafter (standard therapy sessions).

For all payments, insurance or private pay, accepted forms of payment are cash, check, and credit card.

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