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Therapy Etiquette

  • Turn off your cell phone when in session. Too distracting otherwise. (Thank you.)

  • Feel free to bring a beverage. Sometimes I have water to offer, but not always. (No food, please.)

  • If you must cancel or reschedule, given 24 hours notice. This allows me to give the time you release to someone else. (Thank you.)

  • Wondering what to talk about? Reflect on your week. Where did you struggle? (Everybody struggles.) What was going on, what were you feeling? What was it like? Being in therapy is like unraveling a ball of yarn. We start pulling on strings and eventually we unravel everything.

  • Arrive at your session on time. Unlike medical doctors, I try very hard to be on time for every session. It helps if you do the same.

  • We stop five minutes before the hour so we can have time to check out.

  • If you decide to have someone to sit in on your session (e.g., spouse), give me a head's up: call or email. Check to make sure it is okay with me. It usually is, but sometimes, well, sometimes it might not be.

  • I do not share much of my personal life, but it is okay to ask me how I'm doing or whether I had a nice weekend or vacation or whatever. I am human being, after all. You will come to know me over time, though not in the way you know a friend.

  • Sometimes people want to know how to address me. I am okay if you call me by my first name (John). Some clients still insist on calling me "Dr. Gibson." Yes, I do have a doctorate, but I am not a medical doctor. I am a psychologist.

  • Did I miss anything?

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