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Fall Colors

Fall colors

Even though it's raining, the drive into work today is enjoyable because it's autumn. The leaves are turning. The trees are bursting with color, almost like fireworks. Yellow and reds mostly, a feast for the eyes.

There is a little psychology at work here, I think. Autumn engages our senses. It's not just the colors that get me going, it's the smells (on certain days, the smell of burning leaves wafting through the air...), and the sounds of leaves crunching under foot. I savor the experience.

The season also seems to trigger certain memories, as if the color themselves act as keys to forgotten rooms in my interior world. And then, too, I'm struck by an awareness of change. If only the season would hold still for a little while. But of course it won't. And frankly, this is a good metaphor for life, is it not?

(image by Lida Rose)

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