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Happy New Year. Or at least it could be.

Are you looking for a good therapist? I should have some openings in January, if you're interested.

I could tell you about the various problems I help individuals and couples address in my practice –– anxiety, depression, relationship issues, traumatic stress, infidelity, panic attacks, and more –- but what I'd really rather you know is that I specialize in joining forces with people who are trying to make their lives better.

My ideal client is the person who is trying to make
progress towards some goal. Our job, should we work together, is to figure out what's stalling the progress you've been trying to make on your own.

No magic bullets, no judgement, no b.s.

If you're interested, give me a call. If my openings don't fit your schedule, I'll give you the names of some other good therapists to call.

One last thing. Yes, you really can make your life better. It might take effort, time, and commitment, but even small changes can alter the course of your life.

Best wishes,

— John

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