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Coping During Lockdown

  1. Put yourself on a news diet. Limit how much you read about COVID-19.
  2. Check-in once a day with the stuff you need to know. ( is a pretty good source.) Then stop.
  3. Bring back the art of conversation. Try talking about things other than Coronavirus.
  4. I know the TV is an easy solution, and I'm not saying don't watch it. Just don't make that the only thing you do with your time. Do a hobby. Read a book. Play a board game with family members. Cook. Do some yard work.
  5. Go outdoors. This is one of the more under-rated things we can do to help ourselves.
  6. Give your dog or cat a little extra love. You'll both feel better.
  7. Sleep more. (Most of us don't get enough sleep.)
  8. If you work from home, tinker with your workspace. Can you make it better?
  9. Move your body. Don't just sit. Even if you don't have an exercise routine, go for a walk, ride bike, work in the yard…
  10. Watch a comedy. It helps to laugh.
  11. Re-read a favorite novel. (Revisiting something familiar can help with overwhelm.)
  12. If you have a partner, get physical. Affection, touch, sex—these things have the potential to sooth us, give us pleasure, and sometimes even heal us.
  13. Savor your food and drink. When we savor, we pay close attention to the experience of eating and drinking.
  14. Start a project. Look around. What needs fixing? Cleaning? Building? Creating?
  15. If you're working from home, take more breaks if you can. Especially if you have to do a lot of stuff with video conferencing, which seems to wear people out.
  16. Give your spiritual life some nourishment. Pray, meditate, read poetry, read holy books, or engage in introspective writing. These things are good for the soul.

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