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We Need More Grownups

A grownup is careful not to make too many excuses when things go wrong. She takes responsibility for her actions. If she makes a mistake, or is late, or is unprepared, she doesn’t make excuses. It’s tempting to blame others (or the situation) for her lapses, but a grownup holds herself accountable.

A grownup does his fair share. While it’s tempting to let others do his work for him, a grownup readily pitches in whenever there’s work to do, and let’s face it, there’s always work to do. A grownup knows that if he doesn’t do his fair share the people around him–-spouses, partners, siblings, coworkers, friends––will eventually feel resentful. This, in turn, will sour or even poison a relationship.

A grownup does her best to make sound judgments. Like everybody else, she feels the press of impulses, the wish for instant gratification, the temptation to ignore long-term consequences. But a grownup tries to balance reason and emotion, want and need, impulse and thought.

There are plenty of people in this world who fit the age requirement of being an adult. But what really need is more grownups.

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