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COVID Update

We are not entirely back to normal in the state of Michigan, but we are certainly closer than we were.

As a result, I am now seeing clients in my office again. (This applies only for people who are fully vaccinated.) Although I do not require clients to wear a mask, and I do not wear one myself in the office, I have taken certain precautions: I use an air purifier in my office, and I sanitize the office regularly.

Some of my current appointments are still done virtually. This is usually a matter of convenience. This is especially true for those clients who would otherwise have to travel some distance to get to my office.

It's a new world for health care. The pandemic forced therapists to learn how to do virtual therapy sessions, and I expect some therapists will continue doing only virtual sessions, now that they feel comfortable with it.

But other therapists, myself included, will probably rely on a hybrid model. That is, I will continue to make virtual sessions available to existing and new clients alike, but I will of course be doing most of my appointments face-to-face as we move forward. This assumes, of course, that we do not have another big surge of COVID cases.

If you are considering therapy with me, we'll discuss the option that works best for you. Given the virtual option, I can now see clients who live anywhere in the state of Michigan.

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